You Can Still Call Me “Geezer”

Geezer Bill in retirement

A recent survey done on Ronni Bennett’s website As Time Goes By revealed, at least among 734 of her readers, that geezer was the least liked synonym for a senior citizen. Imagine my surprise! Especially since my blog has Geezer … Continue reading

5 Special Ways to Meet a Single Geezer

Elderly couple

By Bill Singer (AKA Geezer Bill) Single geezer? Looking for romance? By now you might think this is an ad for a dating site. But no! This is a well-researched article about special ways to find that special person – … Continue reading

An & Ria’s First flight – Full Film

Dutch grandmas first flight

This upbeat commercial finds Ria and An, two Dutch grandmas who have never flown before, planning and taking their first plane flight. Ria, in her 70s, is the fun loving, daring one while An, turning 72, is the one afraid of flying. Her husband, Jan, tells us she “is completely terrified.” But there’s An training for the flight in a passenger flight simulator, while Ria gets herself ready by going on a roller coaster ride.

The two senior women meet on the day of the flight, by private jet of course, and have a great time on their first flight. It’s fun and heartwarming without being overly mushy. Produced by Vodaphone (British Telecommunications Company). With subtitles.

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Geezers Fear Not the Future Doctor Shortage

Future doctor shortage

By Bill Singer (AKA Geezer Bill) Zillions of people are now entitled to medical care but as boomer doctors retire there will be fewer doctors to provide that care. Hence, a doctor shortage. What are we senior citizens, the ones … Continue reading