Grandma Cooks Grilled Cheese Sandwich with an Iron

Grilled cheese sandwith with iron

When you’re a senior living alone, you sometimes have to get creative about how you cook. The woman in this YouTube video, Shura, shows how she uses an iron to make a grilled cheese sandwich and her coffee pot to prepare corn. She participants in Cyber-Seniors, a program in which high school students mentor senior citizens on basic computer and online skills.

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Meet the Grannies of China who won’t stop dancing

Dancing grannies of China

They’re called the Dancing Grannies. It sounds benign, but in China these senior dancing women (and men) are stirring some controversy. Guangchangwu is the Chinese term for public dance. It’s a collective form of dance that can take place in any open space. A lot of retirees in China like to come together publicly for this type of dancing which also involves socializing. But in a reverse twist, the music they are dancing to is considered too loud for some younger people.

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