Meet the Grannies of China who won’t stop dancing

Dancing grannies of China

They’re called the Dancing Grannies. It sounds benign, but in China these senior dancing women (and men) are stirring some controversy. Guangchangwu is the Chinese term for public dance. It’s a collective form of dance that can take place in any open space. A lot of retirees in China like to come together publicly for this type of dancing which also involves socializing. But in a reverse twist, the music they are dancing to is considered too loud for some younger people.

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Ways 3D Printing Will Benefit Seniors

3D printing for seniors

By Amanda Kaestner Although 3D printing emerged in the 1980s, recent developments have transformed what was once a cheap way to quickly produce prototypes into a game-changing technology. In particular, 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, allows the production of fully … Continue reading

You Can Still Call Me “Geezer”

Geezer Bill in retirement

A recent survey done on Ronni Bennett’s website As Time Goes By revealed, at least among 734 of her readers, that geezer was the least liked synonym for a senior citizen. Imagine my surprise! Especially since my blog has Geezer … Continue reading