How to Organize Your Affairs

Senior couple getting their records together

Do you need to get your personal and financial records together in case of emergency? Most of us senior citizens want to get organized but we often don’t know where to start. This article provides simple bulleted lists in the … Continue reading →

The Biggest Dental Problems for People Over 50

Senior man brushing teeth

Guest Post by Charlie Culp One of the biggest misconceptions about aging and oral health is that it inevitably results in a set of poor-fitting dentures or tooth loss. Fortunately, getting old doesn’t mean your teeth have to suffer. In … Continue reading →

Seniors Out Now!

Border patrol

In this satirical article, Doris O’Brien expands on a proposal from one of her readers suggesting that the Immigration Department should start deporting seniors, instead of illegals, in order to lower Social Security and Medicare costs. For the article click … Continue reading →

Preventing Medication Errors

Pills in a bottle

Prescription medications can give seniors a better quality of life by managing chronic diseases such as heart disease, COPD, diabetes and many others. However, for optimal benefit, these medications need to be taken as prescribed and this seems to be … Continue reading →

Keeping Active and Engaged in Life

Senior women exercising

Guest Post No matter what age, you want to lead the best possible quality of life possible. This usually means packing your calendar with well-rounded activities, social interaction, and physical activities with friends, family, and loved ones. This may not … Continue reading →