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Let’s say you’re a refugee at the Oinofyta camp (in Greece) [New]
Thoughts from a Bag Lady In Waiting
My life is a freelance experience, an opportunity to say Yes

Money Saving Monday-Five Frugal Things [New]
Living Richly In Retirement
Living and Loving Life and Retirement on a Fixed Income

Becoming older but better [New]
Eye on the Edge
…examining how I got here, who I used to be, and who I want to become before I die.

The Next Booth: Sucking the Air Out of the Room [New]
Retire in Style
All about new beginnings in the third stage of my life!

Parkinson’s Disease Update [New]
The 70-Something Blog

My Technologically Down Day (Mac problems) [New]
Six Decades and Counting…Life Reinvented
…writing about whatever I want, including my travels and travails, friends and relatives, and other topics of interest…

DRAGONFLIES (They still creep him out) [New]
The Cranky Old Man
Random thoughts and stuff from a cranky old man.

Invisible Me [New]
Adventures of the New (And Improved) Old Farts
Mike and Laura Lee

Snow, buds, and the truth about #SpringtimeInTheRockies [New]
Grandma’s Briefs
Grandma’s Briefs on life’s second act

INTERESTING STUFF – 22 April 2017 (A Cheese Bank – Seriously, A Real Bank, OOHO – Water You Can Eat And Much More, Amazing Drawings on Dirty Vehicles and more with video clips) [New]
Time Goes By Blog by Ronni Bennett
…what it’s really like to get older…

ELDER MUSIC: Cats (Songs about them: Bob Crosby, Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins, Tom Jones and more with audio clips) [New]
Time Goes By
Sunday Elder Music column

Knowing when to let it all go… A blog about friends!…(with photos) [New]
On the road of retirement
A travel blog

Can Multivitamins Help you put a Spring Back in Your Step? [New]
Feisty Side of Fifty
Revolutionizing the Spirit and Style of Aging

Watery Wednesday : April 13, 1997 (Flood memories) [New]
The Far Side of Fifty

“SMOKE! SMOKE! SMOKE! THAT CIGARETTE” …1947 (Tex Williams) [New]
Serene 82 year old looking to exchange insightful ideas and remembrances

Movie Review: Tracks (Netflix) [New]
Just a Geezer
A Blog about Geezers, Boomers, Seniors, Activities and Life after Retirement

They must be due for another holiday (anti-royal rant) [New]
There is many a good tune played on an old fiddle.

Something in the Air [New]
Sightings Over Sixty
A Baby Boomer looks at health, finance, retirement, grown-up children and … how time flies

A Letter from GEEZER WORLD (Dear Mother Nature…)
Geezer World
Geezer World from the Tillamook County Pioneer, Oregon

Save Those Bags, Help Save the Earth
Gabby Geezer
A fully mature adult writes about whatever strikes his fancy

Easter 2017 (iFlying)
Judy’s Junk Drawer
The funny side of aging

Big Pharma
Zero to Sixty and beyond
The good, the bad, the ugly and how I’ve kept my sense of humor and a positive attitude

Vernal Equinox
Act 3 by Olga

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