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The Specialness of Caregivers [New]
Time Goes By Blog by Ronni Bennett
…what it’s really like to get older…

TIME [New]
Nothing but retired

Books and cellphones and cords. Oh, my! [New]
Thoughts from a Bag Lady In Waiting
My life is a freelance experience, an opportunity to say Yes

Speaking the Language (Capes, bays, sounds, and such) [New]
Sightings Over Sixty
A Baby Boomer looks at health, finance, retirement, grown-up children and … how time flies

Lock Mess Nonster [New]
The Cranky Old Man
Random thoughts and stuff from a cranky old man.

Our changing world [New]
Eye on the Edge
…examining how I got here, who I used to be, and who I want to become before I die.

10 Things About Life’s Fourth Act [New]
Retire in Style
All about new beginnings in the third stage of my life!

Learning to Fail [New]
Satisfying Retirement
Passionate About Living a Retired life with Purpose & Joy

On kids and creepy crawlies [New]
Grandma’s Briefs
Grandma’s Briefs on life’s second act

Hospital Hospitality [New]
Gabby Geezer
A fully mature adult writes about whatever strikes his fancy

Don’t get too excited…Part 2 (A selfie of the old git himself) [New]
There is many a good tune played on an old fiddle.

Anniversary (of meeting her future husband) [New]
The 70-Something Blog

Embracing a New Big Project (and Turning Nothing into Something) (with quilt photos) [New]
Living Richly In Retirement
Living and Loving Life and Retirement on a Fixed Income

ELDER MUSIC: Try to Remember (Jim Croce, The Statler Brothers, Otis Redding and more with audio clips) [New]
Time Goes By
Sunday Elder Music column

Celebrating a Milestone Birthday: 700 Kilometers on the Camino Trail [New]
Retirement Reflections
New Chapters, New Discoveries and New Adventures

Scenic Loop Drive to Floyd Country Store Jam via the Blue Ridge Parkway…(with photos) [New]
On the road of retirement
A travel blog

Surprise, Surprise! (Double rainbow photos) [New]
Adventures of the New (And Improved) Old Farts
Mike and Laura Lee

The Irony of It [New]
A Boomer Girl’s Guide
To health, happiness and having a life that fits.

Old White Men Syndrome [New]
Zero to Sixty and beyond
The good, the bad, the ugly and how I’ve kept my sense of humor and a positive attitude

THE CHESS GAME … circa 1972 [New]
Serene 82 year old looking to exchange insightful ideas and remembrances

Wistful Wednesday: Old Car [New]
The Far Side of Fifty

Do You Engage in This Self-destructive Habit? [New]
The Feisty Side of Fifty
Revolutionizing the Spirit and Style of Aging

Summer Reads Highlight This Week’s Best of Boomers Blogs [New]
Six Decades and Counting…Life Reinvented
…writing about whatever I want, including my travels and travails, friends and relatives, and other topics of interest…

Why I Am the Way I Am—Part 2-Phoenix, AZ
Just a Geezer
A Blog about Geezers, Boomers, Seniors, Activities and Life after Retirement

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  1. 70 is the new 50 I’ll think about “aging” in a ‘couple of decades! A regular practice of: A little exercise, caution about my diet, mental exercises daily, attitude, attitude, attitude! I hit a crises point about 5 years ago at 65 and had to decide that “failure is not an option”. Happy to report; doing good so-far.

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