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6 months after our move [New]
A Boomer Girl’s Guide
To health, happiness and having a life that fits.

3 Tips to Achieving Balance After Fifty [New]
Feisty Side of Fifty
Revolutionizing the Spirit and Style of Aging

The refugee camp at Oinofyta is closing. Here’s what comes next. [New]
Bag Lady in Waiting
My life is a freelance experience, an opportunity to say Yes

SNL Takes on Ageism and It’s a Win for Elders [New]
Time Goes By Blog by Ronni Bennett
…what it’s really like to get older…

Loafing and Puttering…How I’ve Missed Thee! [New]
New Chapters, New Discoveries and New Adventures

Retirement: Feeling Fulfilled Is a Personal Path [New]
A Satisfying Retirement
Passionate About Living a Retired life with Purpose & Joy

Nothing But Retired

Kid Stuff [New]
The Cranky Old Man
Random thoughts and stuff from a cranky old man.

Reflections on life [New]
Eye on the Edge
…examining how I got here, who I used to be, and who I want to become before I die.

Another Trip (to look at hurricane damage) [New]
Confessions of a Grandma
L”A grandma is just an antique little girl”…unknown

Mistaken Identity [New]
Looks at life for women of a certain age. Observations and wry stories that might ring bells with some.n

Stopover at the Old Hometown [New]
Six Decades and Counting…Life Reinvented
…writing about whatever I want, including my travels and travails, friends and relatives, and other topics of interest…

The New Sixty
Have landed in the middle of my 70’s and hoping it is still the new sixty

Last Visit [New]
The 70-Something Blog

Spanning The Brain [New]
Kathy’s Retirement Blog
Retirement is a journey, not a destination…

New Ideas for Old Problems [New]
Sightings Over Sixty
A Baby Boomer looks at health, finance, retirement, grown-up children and … how time flies.

Exploring Wilmington and Carolina Beach NC…(with photos) [New]
On the road of retirement
A travel blog

Wistful Wednesday: Cousins [New]
Far Side of Fifty

Advice on the Forces of Gravity [New]
Retire in Style
All about new beginnings in the third stage of my life!

The Bathroom Reno Reveal! (with photos) [New]
Zero to Sixty and beyond
The good, the bad, the ugly and how I’ve kept my sense of humor and a positive attitude

ELDER MUSIC: Classical Gas Part 8 (Jean-Xavier Lefèvre, Niccolò Jommelli, Alfred Hill and more with audio clips) [New]
Time Goes By
Sunday Elder Music column

So, what’s new? [New]
There is many a good tune played on an old fiddle.

Signs [New]
Act 3 by Olga

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… [New]
Adventures of the New (And Improved) Old Farts
Where life is luxuriously slow, and overflows with simple joys…

National Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal. [New]
Serene 82 year old looking to exchange insightful ideas and remembrances

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  1. 70 is the new 50 I’ll think about “aging” in a ‘couple of decades! A regular practice of: A little exercise, caution about my diet, mental exercises daily, attitude, attitude, attitude! I hit a crises point about 5 years ago at 65 and had to decide that “failure is not an option”. Happy to report; doing good so-far.

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