Seniors: Take Charge Of Your Retirement – The Ultimate Financial Moves by Miranda Owen

retirement savings

At the age of 70 or above, it’s unlikely that you’d want to go back to work, or worse, borrow money from whoever you can. The better and more respectful alternative to avert such a financial crisis is to follow … Continue reading →

Free Food at Costco is the Perfect Geezer Lunch

Tools of the free lunch: toothpick, serving cup, spork

Free and food.  Two words that appeal to any geezer. Free means no need to dip into the retirement fund so we can preserve our pennies for another day at the casino. Food means getting the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants … Continue reading →

Feel the Fee

Government Fees Pick Your Pocket

Banks and airlines have found that fees are a great way to legally pick our pockets. The U.S. government has watched and learned. Rumors have been circulating about a few of the fees our government plans on initiating that will … Continue reading →

Next Level Boomer Products

Boomers are going to be big spenders in retirement. Companies whose products are aimed at the 18 to 49 year old marketplace (e.g. slasher movies, rap CDs, tattoo parlors, and nipple ring manufacturers, to name a few) are not appealing … Continue reading →