Assisted Living – The Advantages and Downsides

assisted living decision making

By Amanda Kaestner Opting for assisted living isn’t always what it seems like. It doesn’t have to be all grey, monotonous, and terribly boring as it’s often depicted in those horror or dramatic films and there are several ways to … Continue reading

Infographic: Nursing Care Facilities

Nursing care facilities infographic

This infographic provides useful information about nursing care facilities in the U.S. It illustrates who’s living in in nursing facilities, occupancy rates by state, what is nursing home care, and typical costs. It also shows, by state, the payment sources … Continue reading

Geezers Fear Not the Future Doctor Shortage

Future doctor shortage

By Bill Singer (AKA Geezer Bill) Zillions of people are now entitled to medical care but as boomer doctors retire there will be fewer doctors to provide that care. Hence, a doctor shortage. What are we senior citizens, the ones … Continue reading

All Hail the Hale Kale!

Superfood kale

By Bill Singer (AKA Geezer Bill) Last night I ate a kale salad. Kale? Foods once-weird and strange have become the commonplace. Lo, we geezers seek them out and boast of our gastronomic prowess when eating them. Why? Because the … Continue reading

Searching for a Geriatric Internist

I had an internist once. But when I turned 66, he gave me the bad news. “You’re old now,” he said gravely, “And you’re not going to live forever. What’s more, your veins are too small, your skin is wrinkly, … Continue reading