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Assisted Living – The Advantages and Downsides

assisted living decision making

By Amanda Kaestner Opting for assisted living isn’t always what it seems like. It doesn’t have to be all grey, monotonous, and terribly boring as it’s often depicted in those horror or dramatic films and there are several ways to … Continue reading

Seniors: Take Charge Of Your Retirement – The Ultimate Financial Moves by Miranda Owen

retirement savings

At the age of 70 or above, it’s unlikely that you’d want to go back to work, or worse, borrow money from whoever you can. The better and more respectful alternative to avert such a financial crisis is to follow … Continue reading

Grandpa Shocks Everyone at Wedding

Grandpa Shocks Everyone at Wedding

Grandpa starts out with two walking canes that quickly get thrown away! Then he’s dancing to Rock Around the Clock by himself until about :50 when a partner joins him and they continue rocking to Wake Up Little Susie. At 1:50 he’s joined by a second woman. All Shook Up plays as grandpa continues to dance away. His enthusiasm has made this a current viral video.

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Are Adult Communities a Rip Off?

55+ community entrance

By Geezer Bill A reader named “Denny” responded to Geezer Bill’s article Why a Retirement Community? This led me to consider the question he asked and write the following column. “Denny’s” Comment “Adult communities are a rip off, and the … Continue reading