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Are “fogey” and “geezer” good nicknames for old men?

geezer face

‘Fogey’ and ‘geezer’ among questionable nicknames for old men. By Chrysti the Wordsmith of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle The male elders among us must frequently endure disparaging nicknames. “Fogey” is a slightly condescending slang term for one who holds fast … Continue reading →

Tim Hawkins – Old Rock Star Songs

Old Rocker songs by Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins says he can do comedy and still age. But he thinks that when rockers age they should update the songs they sing. In this YouTube musical comedy routine he updates the songs of “old” rockers such as Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, the Who, the Eagles, Neil Diamond, and more.
This video has been around a while with close to 2 million views, but it still works.

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