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Old People Dancing to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’

Old People Dancing to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’

Everyone’s posting YouTube videos with people dancing to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.” This is one with senior citizens, my specialty. They are Italian geezers which means they not only dance with style but dress well while doing it! I especially like the old man with pink pants about 30 seconds in.

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Retirement Life 3/8/14

Palm Springs Follies

It’s the 23rd and final season for the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies. Geezer Bill attended the show which features men and women from ages 55 to 83 years old dancing, singing, and strutting their stuff. They’re all professionals, having spent … Continue reading

Geezers Fear Not the Future Doctor Shortage

Future doctor shortage

By Bill Singer (AKA Geezer Bill) Zillions of people are now entitled to medical care but as boomer doctors retire there will be fewer doctors to provide that care. Hence, a doctor shortage. What are we senior citizens, the ones … Continue reading