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Couple married 73 years dies within minutes of each other

Son tells story of couple married 73 years

This moving video reflects on those words we hear at weddings: “till death do us part.” Lillian Karr Wilson and William E. “Wild Bill” Wilson, were married for 73 years. Both were Alzheimer’s patients living at separate nursing homes in central Kentucky. Their son tells the story of their life and passing away within minutes of each other.

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Conversations with My Smart House

Smart Home graphic

It’s only four years old but my house is dumb. Apparently, newer houses are now being built to be “smart.” These smart homes include smart thermostats, lights and power outlets that can be controlled by an app, remote-controlled security systems … Continue reading

Meet the Grannies of China who won’t stop dancing

Dancing grannies of China

They’re called the Dancing Grannies. It sounds benign, but in China these senior dancing women (and men) are stirring some controversy. Guangchangwu is the Chinese term for public dance. It’s a collective form of dance that can take place in any open space. A lot of retirees in China like to come together publicly for this type of dancing which also involves socializing. But in a reverse twist, the music they are dancing to is considered too loud for some younger people.

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Golfing with Ida

Golfing with Ida

Ida Pieracci is a 102-year-old golfer. She still plays at the San Jose Country Club where she has shot 11 holes-in-one, a course record. She has her own key to the golf course and often comes out to play by herself, sometimes 4 or 5 times a week. That’s what I call a dedicated golfer!

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