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Dodge Superbowl Commercial 2015 — 100 Years of Wisdom

Dodge Superbowl Commerical - Wisdom

Yes, it’s a commercial, but it features lots of 100-year-old men and women talking and laughing. It’s nice to know that real old, old people can make it to prime time (the Superbowl) without being the butt of some joke. The key quote: Sometimes in order to get the most out of life you need to keep your eyes open and your mouth shut. ‘Nuf said.

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Heard About the New Hearing Aid Technology?

Hearing aid

Guest Post by Amanda Kaestner What’s that you say? According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), “There is a strong relationship between age and reported hearing loss.” They claim that 30% of adults 65 to 74 years old, and … Continue reading