Senior Humor Sites

My personal collection of senior-related humor sites. Click the titles to be transported to laughs. (Some risque, but not dirty.)

Senior Ark: Seniors helping Seniors meet the challenges in retirement. This is the humor page of a large site for seniors. Mostly links to short funny joke stories.

Swap Meet Dave: Menu of Clean Jokes, Funny Photos, Bizarre Videos, Crazy Cartoons! Click on the Senior Citizen Humor link for senior citizen merriment, humor, jokes, and fun!

Grandma Betty. Quick one liners. Part of a larger site with lots of info sources for boomers.

Geezer Planet Michael Principato is the creator and webmaster. Lots of photos for easy viewing and easy laughs. But no new entries since 2013. Most recent stuff is on Facebook.

My Clean Humor. This page has daily clean jokes about aging.

Retirement Quotes Cafe. This page of the site has retirement-related jokes and humor.

Pruneville. “Where laughter doesn’t require teeth.”

Suddenly Senior Weekly Jokes Unfortunately, Suddenly Senior website co-founder Frank Kaiser died some months ago. Dave Whitney is carrying on. As part of this extensive site you’ll find weekly jokes.

Life in the Boomer Lane The humorous musings of Renee Fisher, writer and former hoola hoop champion. For geezers who still like to read.

My age is just a number, a big one [New]

Top Ten Signs You May Be A “Senior Citizen”

Humor: Velcro shoes spell geezer paradise

Regular humor, but funny anyway: The Nine Health Tips We Actually Want to Hear

Seniors on YouTube

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Retirement Ramblings

  • Are Adult Communities a Rip Off? 55+ community entranceA response by Geezer Bill In response to Geezer Bill’s article Why a Retirement Community? , I received the following comment from “Denny.” This led me to consider the question he asked and write the following column. The Comment “Adult communities are a ...
  • The Old Man Parking Lot Scam* Woman washing car windshield scamA friend recently emailed this to me so thought I would pass it on because geezers need to be wary. A ‘heads up’ for those men who may be regular customers at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Costco, or even Wal-Mart. Last month I ...
  • Do You Remember Rabbit Ears? Indoor antenna rabbit earsAt the Discussion Club end-of-season pizza party we were sitting around discussing our childhood memories. It’s one of those activities that geezers enjoy. Exercising our brains while recalling pleasurable times. We were remembering old TV shows, when I said “rabbit ears.” ...
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Geezer Satire

  • 5 Special Ways to Meet a Single Geezer Elderly coupleBy Bill Singer (AKA Geezer Bill) Single geezer? Looking for romance? By now you might think this is an ad for a dating site. But no! This is a well-researched article about special ways to find that special person – that ...
  • Geezers Fear Not the Future Doctor Shortage Future doctor shortageBy Bill Singer (AKA Geezer Bill) Zillions of people are now entitled to medical care but as boomer doctors retire there will be fewer doctors to provide that care. Hence, a doctor shortage. What are we senior citizens, the ones with all ...
  • All Hail the Hale Kale! Superfood kaleBy Bill Singer (AKA Geezer Bill) Last night I ate a kale salad. Kale? Foods once-weird and strange have become the commonplace. Lo, we geezers seek them out and boast of our gastronomic prowess when eating them. Why? Because the food ...
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Geezer Bill’s Retirement Life

“What do you do in retirement?” is a typical question my non-retired friends ask. They are still working and can’t imagine “doing nothing.” So for all you people who wonder what retirement is like, follow along as Geezer Bill lives his day-to-day retirement life.

Geezer Bill’s Retirement Life

  • Retirement Life 6/15/14 Father's Day hot dogA perfect Father’s Day treat — a hot dog with spicy mustard and champagne. Since no kids were in town, Geezer Bill and his wife ...
  • Retirement Life 5/10/14 Two mariachi singers Mother’s Day at a Guillermo’s Restaurante, a local Mexican restaurant, with my wife and mother of our children. And what would a Mexican restaurant ...
  • Retirement Life 3/21/14 Geezer sign Model RailroadAn Arts & Crafts Show at a nearby retirement community drew a visit from Geezer Bill. The Model Railroad Club at this community has its own ...
  • Retirement Life 3/8/14 Palm Springs FolliesIt’s the 23rd and final season for the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies. Geezer Bill attended the show which features men and women from ages 55 ...
  • Retirement Life 3/2/14 Shirells 50s music50s music was on tap at our clubhouse and Geezer Bill was in attendance to see the Shirelles and the Mighty Echoes. Beverly Lee, one ...
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Geezer and Boomer Blogs

Recent posts from Geezer and Boomer blogs.

Upgrade Me, Please [New]
Geezer Sisters
The Fabulous Geezersisters

Leaping the Lake to Lambeau (On board The SS Badger) [New]
Gabby Geezer
A fully mature adult writes about whatever strikes his fancy

“Alive Inside” (Documentary about the joy that hearing their favorite music can bring to Alzheimer’s patients) [New]
The 70-Something Blog

INTERESTING STUFF – 26 July 2014 (Monty Python Farewell Concert, George Takei’s Childhood Incarceration, Ronni Bennett tries a self parking car, and more) [New]
Time Goes By
What it’s really like to get older – The Time Goes By Blog by Ronni Bennett

I’M A DRUG PUSHER! (Chemicals for the pool) [New]
From humble beginnings, and my wife aspired me to an even more humbling end

IN THE OCEAN WITH THE LITTLE MERMAID (Millie sees the play) [New]
My Mom’s Blogspot by Thoroughly Modern Millie
A blog by, Millie, an 88-year young woman

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places [New]
Aging Abundantly
Finding Joy at Every Age with writer/philosopher Dorothy Sander

Too Much Sex (with photos) (The grumpy old Brummie’s summer reading list) [New]
The Cranky Old Geezer
The photos & thoughts of a grumpy old Brummie living in New England with a passion for landscape photography.

ELDER MUSIC: Jessye Norman (with musical clips) [New]
Time Goes By
Sunday Elder Music column

Five-Star Fav: A Mysterious Tale (Ode to Billie Joe with video clip) [New]
Geezer Music Club

Bergamot’s Lavender Essence (The Power of Ideas) By Gail Kittleson [New]
Geezer Guys and Gals
Boomer Bits and Bytes – The View from Our Side

Crazy Client of the Day [New]
Geezer Chick
Staying fit past 60, means learning a lot of new and modified exercises and doing everything possible to maintain an active sex life

Old Man Steve and boogers (Gross! Time: 3:30) [New]
Old Man Steve
Old Man Steve likes to do YouTube video

Joan Price’s Upcoming Events [New]
Better Than I Ever Expected
Naked at Our Age – Joan Price – Sex & Aging Views & News

To Kill a Watermelon. (Cutting it up in a passive-aggressive way)
Geezer Grit
Aging, Health, Humor for Geezers and Boomers

Barcelona Delivered (with a link to photos)
Looking forward at 75

Marching to My Own Drum by Elissa Jung
Elder Chicks
Helping each other master the art of a senior life.

CIVILIZED MEN KNOW WHAT IS IMPORTANT (Link to George Orwell on making good tea)
Geezer Lodge
An Old Man Talks With Old Men

The Feisty Side of Fifty

Geezer Scams

Seeking Scams

  • Medicare Scams Targeting Seniors MedicareMedicare is available for seniors over 65. Scammers know this and have built scams based on Medicare aimed solely at this elderly market. During periods ...
  • Why Scammers Target Seniors Scammers target -- the senior citizenSenior citizens are the fastest-growing segment of the population, and as a result of this, we are now more at risk for being victims of ...
  • Four Reasons Seniors Are Suckers for Scammers Scam manBy now we are experienced and supposed to have some wisdom, especially when it comes to money. But we can be taken in just as ...
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Senior Resources

Senior Resources

  • Infographic: Nursing Care Facilities Nursing care facilities infographic This infographic provides useful information about nursing care facilities in the U.S. It illustrates who’s living in in nursing facilities, occupancy rates by state, what ...
  • Infographic: The Science of Getting Old Science of getting old infographic Short, visual answers to questions about aging such as why our hair turns gray, why our skin wrinkles, why we forget and other questions you ...
  • Do I Need an Advance Directive? Senior considering advance directiveWhat is an Advance Directive? None of us, but especially seniors, is immune to serious illness or injury. When these conditions are so severe that death ...
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