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Senior Humor Sites

My personal collection of senior-related humor sites. Click the titles to be transported to laughs. (Some risque, but not dirty.)

Senior Ark: Seniors helping Seniors meet the challenges in retirement. This is the humor page of a large site for seniors. Mostly links to short funny joke stories.

Swap Meet Dave: Menu of Clean Jokes, Funny Photos, Bizarre Videos, Crazy Cartoons! Click on the Senior Citizen Humor link for senior citizen merriment, humor, jokes, and fun!

Grandma Betty. Quick one liners. Part of a larger site with lots of info sources for boomers.

My Clean Humor. This page has daily clean jokes about aging.

Retirement Quotes Cafe. This page of the site has retirement-related jokes and humor.

Pruneville. “Where laughter doesn’t require teeth.”

Suddenly Senior Weekly Jokes Unfortunately, Suddenly Senior website co-founder Frank Kaiser died some months ago. Dave Whitney is carrying on. As part of this extensive site you’ll find weekly jokes.

Life in the Boomer Lane The humorous musings of Renee Fisher, writer and former hoola hoop champion. For geezers who still like to read.

My Little Sister’s Jokes About Aging Click on any written joke.

Geezer Planet Michael Principato is the creator and webmaster. Lots of photos for easy viewing and easy laughs. But no new entries since 2013. Most recent stuff is on Facebook.

Retirement Ramblings

  • Costco and the Purina Diet Dog foodBy Anonymous Yesterday I was at Costco, buying a bag of Purina dog chow for my loyal pet, Owen, the Wonder Dog. It was large, which in Costco language means gigantic. I was in the check-out line when a woman behind ...
  • I Can’t Bear This Active seniors in retirementGuest post by Jerry Solomon Today’s sports section was a button-pusher for me. It contained an article, which quoted Bear Bryant, noted former coach of The Alabama Tide football program. His shallow perspective offered that “there is only one major event ...
  • Are Adult Communities a Rip Off? 55+ community entranceBy Geezer Bill A reader named “Denny” responded to Geezer Bill’s article Why a Retirement Community? This led me to consider the question he asked and write the following column. “Denny’s” Comment “Adult communities are a rip off, and the politics within the ...
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Geezer Satire

  • Conversations with My Smart House Smart Home graphicIt’s only four years old but my house is dumb. Apparently, newer houses are now being built to be “smart.” These smart homes include smart thermostats, lights and power outlets that can be controlled by an app, remote-controlled security systems ...
  • You Can Still Call Me “Geezer” Geezer Bill in retirementA recent survey done on Ronni Bennett’s website As Time Goes By revealed, at least among 734 of her readers, that geezer was the least liked synonym for a senior citizen. Imagine my surprise! Especially since my blog has Geezer right ...
  • 5 Special Ways to Meet a Single Geezer Elderly coupleBy Bill Singer (AKA Geezer Bill) Single geezer? Looking for romance? By now you might think this is an ad for a dating site. But no! This is a well-researched article about special ways to find that special person – that ...
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Geezer Funny Pictures

  • Senior Baseball Senior baseball When a geezer plays baseball it’s a fight between mind and body! From The Funny Times. Be Sociable, Share! ...
  • Why Seniors Speed Senior speeding in car I’m speeding because I have to get where I’m going before I forget where I’m going. Be Sociable, Share! ...
  • Geezer Tats Geezer tattoosThe younger crop of geezers are used to putting ink on their skin. So here are some possible tattoos they can add when they ...
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Geezer Sayings

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Geezer Scams

  • Medicare Scams Targeting Seniors MedicareMedicare is available for seniors over 65. Scammers know this and have built scams based on Medicare aimed solely at this elderly market. During periods ...
  • Why Scammers Target Seniors senior in assisted living facilitySenior citizens are the fastest-growing segment of the population, and as a result of this, we are now more at risk for being victims of ...
  • Four Reasons Seniors Are Suckers for Scammers Scam manBy now we are experienced and supposed to have some wisdom, especially when it comes to money. But we can be taken in just as ...
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Senior Resources

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